A couch that transforms into anything kids can imagine

Lellu is a rocket, a race car or a princess castle at one moment and a parkour track on the next. Kids will have hours of fun building, playing, destroying and building again. Once they are done, Lellu can serve as a comfy kids sofa. It's a piece of furniture, a toy and a lot of other things, but most of all it's creative fun for all ages.

  • Graph_kids_building - LeLLu play sofa

    Meant for kids

    14 modules bring hours of fun playtime to kids all ages. One moment it' a store, the next a spaceship or parkour track. There are no limits to kids imagination when they get their hands on LeLLU.

  • parents_love - LeLLu play sofa

    Parents love it

    Lellu guarantees hours of screen free time for your little ones. Why not make it into a quality time & play together with your kids. LeLLu fits nicely into smaller spaces: width 155cm & depth 66 cm.

  • Safety - LeLLu play sofa

    Built with safety in mind

    LeLLu is handmade in Estonia. Our materials are safe for the skin, verified by the OEKO-TEX 100 certification. Zippers can only be opened by an adult with a special tool provided in the set.