How LeLLu came to be


Hi there! We're Rivo and Henrik, and we've been best friends since high school. Rivo has two princesses, a spiderboy, and a train fanatic, while Henrik is a dad to a baby boy whose interests are still to be discovered.

When we were little, we loved playing outdoors, but when it rained, we found fun things to do indoors. Nowadays, kids often rely on TV, phones, and tablets for entertainment. But when we were young, we never got bored!

That's why we created LeLLu – to help kids use their imagination and creativity. With LeLLu, kids can build whatever they want and make up fun games to play with their creations. Plus, playing with LeLLu means less screen time.

We know that smartphones and tablets are a big part of our lives, and they will be for our kids too. But we also believe that it's important to have a good balance between screen time and playtime.